CarGuruFix simply connects drivers to mechanics nearby. When a job is posted by a driver it alerts mechanics in the nearby area.

If you have not received verification email after registering, please check your spam/junk folder.

It is free to both drivers and mechanics as of now.

Please double check your radius of service in your profile and also the services that you have opted to provide at the time of registering. Also please make sure that you have typed the correct address in your profile.

There is a possibility that the customer/driver shortlisted few mechanics and in the end went with one of them. In order to get jobs after being shortlisted, make sure you reach out to the customer at the earliest.

There are 4 tabs on your dashboard. The 'Open Jobs' will show all the jobs that gets posted by the drivers. As soon as you quote on the job, it moves to the 'Quotes Sent' tab. Once the customer shortlists the job, it moves to 'Shortlisted Jobs' and finally when a job gets closed it moves to 'Closed jobs' tab.

As long as the quote is in the 'Quote Sent' tab, you can edit and and resend.

Yes, you can reply on a feed back that is given by the customer by going in the 'Closed Job' tab and clicking the 'Reply on Feedback' button.

Yes, you can shortlist more than one quotes.

You can see or read mechanic's reviews when they send you a quote. Alternatively, you can also view their reviews by going in to the mechanic's tab from the home screen.

There is a possibility that sometimes a particular make or model is not available for selection. In this case select the closest make or model.

You can directly pay the mechanic once the job is done. CarGuruFix just connects a driver to the mechanic, it doesnt provide any facility to make payment via this portal.

CarGuruFix only connects drivers to the mechanics, therefore it doesnt have control over the job that is done by the mechanics. If for some reason you as a customer are not happy with the job done, then we would encourage you to get this sorted directly with the mechanic.

You can even register if you dont have a garage but you are an expert mechanic.

Yes, you can have as many saved vehicle as you want.

Clicking on 'Reopen' will post the job again. Its like posting a new job.

Your phone number or email will not be displayed to the mechanics unless you shortlist them.

Your phone number will be displayed when you send a quote to the customer and if the customer clicks on shortlist. Even you can see customer's email and phone number if you get shortlisted. This facilitates getting in touch with each other regarding the job.

If there is no activity on a particular job for more than 60 days then it automatically gets closed. Customer can always re-open a job by clicking on the 'Re-open' button. Re-opening a job is just like posting a new jobwith new id.

Yes, you can close the job at any point of time if you dont wish to do it.

Yes, you can close a job. If there are any shortlisted quotes, it will ask you to provide a feedback on how well the job was completed by the mechanic.

Providing feedback builds a mechanic's profile and also helps other customers to see how well they have performed. If you dont want to provide a feedback to the mechanic, then you can always click on the 'Skip' button on the small feedback window.

Yes, you can ask the customer to provide a feedback on the work that you have done. Customer can click on the 'Close Job' button in their dashboard which will prompt them to provide a feedback to you. Customer can write about your work and can also give you a star rating out of 5.

No, once a job is closed, drivers cant give a feedback.

Yes, mechanic can reply on a driver's feedback once.